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Abandoned Heart
Abandoned Heart- Unrequited Love Poem
She walked along an empty street;
The darkness of night blanketing her soul.
Left destitute and depleted.
Once full of life;
A heart that beat strong
With passionate love,
Was now barren.
Exhausted, from the existence
Of a tragic romance.
She bestowed every depth of her being;
Extending her hand-
Finding an unanswered reply.
Her love overflowed
Into a vacant wasteland of idle words.
Foolishness, Foolishness
She cries;
To give herself away
To an idle n’ inexpressible rendezvous.
Intimacy proved-
Fruitless, Temporary, Forgotten
After the door shut behind him.
So, her heart bleeds
With every abandoned step;
Mixing with the tears
Of unrequited Love.
:iconstacialynn:StaciaLynn 1 0
The Journey by StaciaLynn The Journey :iconstacialynn:StaciaLynn 0 0
The Dance
The Dance
Her azure eyes,
  Clear as cloudless skies,
Sank deeply
  into his intense sapphire gaze.
A chasm
  No other has permeated
Within the expanse of her soul.
His love…
  The depth of her heart
    With passionate intensity.
As he gazed…
  Into her pure- lucid beauty,
His adoration…
  Lured her intensely.
Immense desire,
Encompassed him to…
Take in…
  Every exhaled breath.
Marvel upon…
  This prodigy of God.
  Into her mysterious will.
  Himself deep,
     Into the cerulean ocean
        Of her embrace.
The mesmerizing glances-
  At his being,
     As the full moon
  Its rays
      upon her auburn hair,
As it slowly…
  Swayed with the breeze.
The closeness…
   And brushing
:iconstacialynn:StaciaLynn 1 0
Thy Will
Thy Will
The pursuit of answers,
Closure to questions of the mind.
Perplexing, uncertainty
A driving force-
Of constant searching.
Seeking to uncover
Knocking at every door.
Sinking deep into thought.
Diving within the mysteries of God
Whose thoughts-
Whose ways-
Go beyond our plane
Beyond the chasm of our thinking.
A desperate cry
A pleading prayer
For a piece
Or a glimpse of thy will.
Direct me in thy ways
My mind is open
My perception is open
To listen
To see
To feel
To go beyond my sixth sense
Let me know thy will
Let thy will be done…
:iconstacialynn:StaciaLynn 0 0
A Winter Walk
The Footsteps
Could be heard-
In the crisp snow covered path.
Can be seen-
From the glimpses over their shoulders,
From where they had been.
The Trees
Were barren,
Though beautifully covered-
With crystals of white- icy flakes
Beholding a resemblance of
Performing snow dancers
Surrounding the snow queen.
The Houses
Wear caps of white
With the rising of smoke streams
From the chimney,
Like grandfather nestled
In front of the fire with his pipe.
A warm protection
For the inhabitants,
Like the winter garments
Defending the cold on the journey…
The Journey
Of excitement
A child’s promise,
Whose footprints are scattered
By skipping- jumping
Imprints of joy.
Alongside the steps
Of stability and pride.
The Winter Walk
Engraves memories within their minds
Providing generational reflection
Of family
Of friends
Of love.
:iconstacialynn:StaciaLynn 0 0
The Poet's Words
She writes with passion.
She writes with fear.
The drying ink explodes with tears
Upon the page
As her words pour
From deep within.
Her heart cries…
Her soul aches…
As her words are drawn
On a blank white page.
Expressions not found
In vocal utterances,
But flowing through
Her pen’s black ink-
A hue she prefers to visually see,
As she writes
Her thoughts upon
The canvas of emotion
Her journey’s trials
As they move on.
Her pen:
Composing her symphony of thought…
A psychosomatic therapy.
The tool within her hand.
The grasp is firm.
A natural place,
As she writes her words
So full of grace.
Unlike her heart,
Which tends to race.
It is her peace
Through her seasons-
Seasons of sorrow
Seasons of joy
Seasons of peace-
Times that explore
Passion and fear
Within her soul.
Her pen releases
Thoughts hidden deep
In different planes
At various times-
Six in the morning
Or at night
Written on pages
Is her journey’s plight.
With words that resound
With passio
:iconstacialynn:StaciaLynn 3 0
The Trodden Path
Supple – green grass
Lays upon the beaten path
Worn – throughout the years
From the steps
Of those that have walked upon
A journey – of emotion
Joy – Strive – Pleasure – Pain
Is engraved in the gravel
That has not been re-laid,
But remains – telling its story.
As flowers bloom
As leaves turn –
From dancing green to golden red
Finally to barren black branches.
Nature has gone through – has seen
Many days of hand-in-hand
Many days of lonely strolls.
The trees –
Have clapped their hands to the skipping of children
Have awed passersby with hues of changed color
And related in the coldest, barren days of sorrow.
The path has carried burdens.
The path has perceived steps of joy.
Though worn, it does not complain
But endures –
Endures for those who trust its strength.
It is stable under the feet of emotion.
Though trodden, it is not sore.
It is duty – unfailing love –
An honor to be significant.
The path is one with
:iconstacialynn:StaciaLynn 0 0
November Rain: Sestina Poem
November Rain: Sestina
November rains fall upon the lost soul
Its bitterness chills deeper in the mind
Relentless in its down pouring of water
It pricks like sleet upon a winter night
Running its course, the chill of the season
A depressing rain as it moistens leaves.
A measure of cold passion it now leaves
A passion now frozen within the soul
A soul desiring a change in season
Wanting no more than an enlightened mind
The sun to shine forth from the darkest night
Nostalgic memory of summer’s water
When the soul was embraced by the water
Along with the inner most warmth it leaves
Unlike the bitter coldness felt at night
In the November rains that pierce the soul
Summer warms the inner part of the mind
Like the newness that comes in spring’s season
Thoughts- feelings change from season to season
Warmth in summer-relentless fall water
Effecting the perception in the mind
The perception of dark or light it leaves
Hues that leave an impact on mind and soul
Can enligh
:iconstacialynn:StaciaLynn 0 0
A Soul's Darkest Night
Torment deep inside
Runs into the woods to hide
Moon, an enemy
Shining light upon her soul
Crouched but overcome-
By beams reaching and grasping
Her eyes then shut tight
Sinking in the dark of night
Perception not found-
If visions of light not seen
Within her mind’s gaze.
Though a light has overcome
Her soul’s darkest night
Warm embrace inside her soul
Seclusion- no longer hides.
:iconstacialynn:StaciaLynn 1 0
Time and Space: Sonnet V
The galaxy’s vast open space and time
Grasping a chasm unknown to this world
Are we humans no larger than a dime?
Between the vastness and protons curled-
Into an image created on high?
Is there a fortress large enough to hide-?
Beneath the greatness of an open sky-?
Protection on earth where we do reside?
A great deliverer mighty in strength
Reaches down from the vastness’ open space
Where mountains are grand compared to our length
A mediator, unfailing love’s grace
To be a high tower here on the ground
Below time and space where glory abounds.
:iconstacialynn:StaciaLynn 0 0
A Familiar Place
Security is found
Burrowed in,
Into a hole
Cool and dim.
Until the birds
Sing their song,
Then she crawls out
And sings along.
It is a new song,
Though a familiar tune.
It is the song of serenity,
Her lucid tune-
Where peace is found
And joy is sought,
It is through the darkness
And through a thought-
Where the melody of
The light is found,
Within the burrow
Of the swallowed ground.
:iconstacialynn:StaciaLynn 2 0
The Journey to Gardenia
The Journey to Gardenia
The journey, a repose upon the sea-
Time lapse, waves carrying a path unseen.
In blues of crystal and smoky waters,
Serene Clearness and foggy dividers.
Brightness, warmth of the sun that shines upon
Looking toward the horizon and beyond
Within mind’s vision and physical eye
My journey began, bid the world goodbye.
Sailing upon a brilliant crystal sea;
My tranquil heart leaped, new life foreseen.
Where the flowers bloom white, no colors of grey.
Where birds sing, carnivores no longer prey.
Only through visions and promise of hope
My sails blow on, as my boat is afloat.
Now far from dry ground; my journey moves on
Toward eternal white, my old life now gone.
Clearness and blue; water calm and serene.
Joy in my laugh- exploding my being.
Though perceiving not what lied up ahead;
Developing darkness, one I would dread.
Laying my head down repose for the night,
Longing, expecting tomorrow’s grand plight.
It was the end of day one; no sorrow.
Began to dr
:iconstacialynn:StaciaLynn 0 0
In Times of Battle
In times of battle
In times of strength
It is a journey he must take.
It is his job
It is his joy
To provide freedom for us all.
It is a sacrifice
No lack of love
To march forward for the land we love.
I say with pride
I say with hope
The journey find you home once more.
I never cease
Never cease to pray
Protection upon foreign soil those days.
My eyes gaze
Gaze upon
The flying flag, while abroad.
:iconstacialynn:StaciaLynn 0 0
The Melody of Life
The bird sings my song,
Every morning at dawn
When the buds begin
To form on the trees, through
The April rains.
The melody rises, with
The hues of the East
Sun’s horizon.
A soft breeze blows, as
The trees leaves dance
To the bird’s serene tune-
Into the May of Spring, a spring:
Of life
Of contentment
Of thankfulness.
In every dawn is found
As the East horizon brightens
The day.
Cycling the song,
Revealing that I belong,
To nature’s melody that is played.
:iconstacialynn:StaciaLynn 0 0
The Great Flood
Sin was too great,
No light to be seen.
I will send a flood
From the raging sea,
Lakes, and tiny streams-
Unending rain,
From the expanse
Will swell what is beautiful,
Into a destructive path unseen-
Up to the heavens
It shall rise,
The great waters
Splitting the divide-
One great man was wise.
A man that trusted,
A man of strong faith,
And so was found favor,
In the eyes of grace-
The command was given,
And obedience found
The boat afloat
Over saturated ground-
Screams and cries were heard
As the sin of the men’s grasp
Slipped from their hold,
From the side, which-
They wished had been seen
And now behold,
Realized unclean
The grasp that can’t hold-
The pictures, the flashbacks
Of unholy lives;
Given to lusts and violence
Ignoring the voice building,
By day and by night-
Remembering their torturing
Words of hate,
They mocked, they sneered
They called him a fool,
But they are now drowning
In an earthy pool-
The great man was saved
His family along,
With two of each kind
:iconstacialynn:StaciaLynn 1 0
A Sail of Dreams
A Sail of Dreams
Caught up in a dream,
A dream that will never be.
A ray of hope.
A glance beyond,
A raging sea,
Which only is rained upon.
A walk of faith
On the stormy sea.
Can it be?
Something that shall be?
Was it only a nightmare black?
No bright hues to be seen?
A temporary picture,
Of torment to me?
Reaching out
Grasping hope
Feeling that it may be,
The long awaited wind
To catch my sail
And carry me eternally.
:iconstacialynn:StaciaLynn 1 0


Tiger Bulbs
Pillars from the pop cast speck
Bulbs, crocus in tiger manes
Dangle teeth of silver fleck
Numbing tilted gravities
Pills inside the rankled caps
Hers to fan bleats calling out
Recessed from its metal saps
A silence in fair market clout
Aires to tremble through its seams
Warbled craws and casement stone
Blossoming from feral gleams
As fallen sisters bled from grown
Will want taller from their crowd
Something, sunken anchoring
Stabbing tendrils flatten round
Match a compliance of teeth
Want of hospice river wound
Worn their banks upon their brows
Hunters of differing sound
Vibrance come of endless rows
Will of verify in pass
Fashion in its eye and mask
Tread a whisper like a mast
Wake, and find her stern a cast
Instinct feel the air is foul
Swallows of a bitter kind
Sight will show the metal spout
Hungered for yours undermined
:iconmonocephalized:Monocephalized 11 2
Theme 89, Through The Fire: God
It can burn and destroy.
It is intense in heat.
It is warm.
It can ignite change.
He is warmth,
warmth coming from the inside out.
He ignites change,
change in the coldest of hearts.
God is the fire in my soul.
He is fire.
I am glad,
glad that he loves me.
For he is fire.
He can burn and destroy.
He can be intense in heat.
But he can also be warm.
He is compassionate.
But he also disciplines.
More often than not,
he is loving,
he is compassionate.
He is giving.
God gave his son,
so that we can be on fire for him.
And this God of fire;
He is my father.
:iconbaileyalice222:baileyalice222 16 2
She learned to play her piano
When she was just but three -
Her songs were light, inspiring,
And always full of glee.
She lost a key when she was six,
Another’s she ‘came 8,
But never played them, anyway:
They were a kind of weight.
So she thought not upon them,
And instead, she let them go.
No need to have them take up space
For songs she didn’t know.
Her songs became more beautiful,
As she did, at fifteen,
But there came errors: body changed,
Mind same - she, caught between.
The boyfriend she picked was her first;
To him, she was his four.
And when he left, she was bereft -
3 more keys met the floor.
The songs she played were sad'ning, then,
And lacked their former grace.
The keys she dropped were happy keys -
Her fingers found but space.
In time, she learned to play around
The emptiness now there.
Her songs re-grew so beautiful,
That others weren’t aware:
The spaces that her mel’dy skipped
Still burned within her heart.
Her love and life, her hope and t
:icononlinedpaper:OnLinedPaper 38 23
Beyond the Darkness
In the stillness a Darkness beckons.
Down is the only way to go.
Sorrows tease the edges of my mind,
seeking entrance.
Shadows tug towards Oblivion,
and I wonder...
Is this all I am?
Am I nothing but a shattered soul?
Lights blink into existence,
only to be snuffed out a short time later.
Need gnaws at me.
The need to feel.
The need to scream.
The need to Disappear.
How many times have I fought this battle?
Am I winning or losing?
Does it even matter?
A nearly silent melody echoes through the chaos,
and suddenly I See.
Beyond the battles,
beyond the Shadows,
is music.
A sweet song more beautiful than Sorrow.
This song,
this treasure,
is called Hope.
:iconkittysib:KittySib 21 4
Semita Luminis by MarcoHeisler Semita Luminis :iconmarcoheisler:MarcoHeisler 345 37 Spirit Bird by BesnikMeti Spirit Bird :iconbesnikmeti:BesnikMeti 329 27
Night of the Rougarou
Oh, I’ve seen the rougarou,
I saw him when the moon was bright!
Yes, I’ve seen the rougarou,
And he gave me such an awful fright!
For when I saw the rougarou,
My knife fell from my trembling grasp!
And when I saw the rougarou,
I feared that night might be my last!
Hey, all you mothers, lock your doors and windows!
Call your kids inside when the sun goes down!
The rougarou is driven by a terrible hunger,
And he’s heading your direction for a night on the town!
Oh, I saw the rougarou,
It howled as it chased after me!
Yeah, I’ve seen the rougarou,
By then it was too late to flee!
Yeah, I’ve seen the rougarou,
It looked at me with bright red eyes!
And when I saw the rougarou,
It pinned me with its monstrous size!
I screamed out loud for the Lord to save me,
But He ain’t in the bayou this time of year!
I stared it in the face and then I knew for certain,
I’d looked upon the Devil and he reigned in here!
Yeah, I saw the rougarou,
I saw the fla
:iconagawaer:Agawaer 27 19
Mesmerizing by Trichardsen Mesmerizing :icontrichardsen:Trichardsen 558 86 Promise 16 by GregorKerle Promise 16 :icongregorkerle:GregorKerle 190 28 An End Has A Start by Sarah-BK An End Has A Start :iconsarah-bk:Sarah-BK 44 8 Myth and Science, No. 1 by nine9nine9 Myth and Science, No. 1 :iconnine9nine9:nine9nine9 108 42
Transparency aka Remember
I'd sit and watch as the world flew by.
If there was something to be had as a passer by,
Not so with you my crumpled I.
This is how I express myself on paper with ready dye.
Blues and blacks for my forehead with signs I'm grieving movements in life,
Now it's important that I present my actions towards the one relied.
Stuck in the middle with our essence not correcting course you will collide,
Even while the ones met are struck with fight or fright.
All the while digressing sometimes forgeting their gripes.
Still I move back further in my seat and think about how broken families crack then slide.
Coming off the walls the reasons and divisions accomplishing disastrous sleights...
Not so with revisions of those whom delight,
Not in the cataclysm that is self imposed but somehow in removing its fright.
The people that we meet are reflections of choices and made better by confident sight...
Love those you meet for they are destined to be close to might,
The cause that belongs to faith: faci
:iconchainsawink:ChainsawInk 6 5
Monday night on the edge of the world. by PascalCampion Monday night on the edge of the world. :iconpascalcampion:PascalCampion 726 46 Image by dasTOK Image :icondastok:dasTOK 241 8
From Eden To Prom
I try my best
I tell the truth
There's nothing left for me to say.
You said:
    "No matter what i do there's three words you'll never say."
You said:
    "A picture speaks 1,000 words."
So you see the picture, but not the words.
    'But my actions painted all that just for you," i said.
    'Just because i didn't say it doesn't mean that i don't love you.'
It's like i once heard; "Love is a noun, but love is a verb."        
You said:
    "Okay, but sometimes i need to hear the words."          
Okay once upon a time you told me that,
you can smell more beauty in a rose than you can see in the eyes of a man you don't know.
And yes, i believe.
But look! ... don't you know me?      
Yet you claim that i don't love you
even after i tell you that i do.
You looked at me and said:
:icon19andmugsy:19andMugsy 19 59
Collection: Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle: The Eternal Act of Faith
Whether it’s the sole survivor of a plane crash, stranded on a fly–speck Pacific island or the forlorn deserted lover standing alone in the early morning fog at mid–span of Waterloo Bridge, there is nothing sadder, and nothing more defining of the human spirit, than the tossing into the sea of the “message in a bottle.” The idea, more than the actual execution, of this desperate measure, has come to symbolize an eternal act of human faith — that somehow Divine Providence will guide this message through the shifting seven seas to be found on a beach by the one who ne
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 168 11



Abandoned Heart- Unrequited Love Poem

She walked along an empty street;
The darkness of night blanketing her soul.
Left destitute and depleted.
Once full of life;
A heart that beat strong
With passionate love,
Was now barren.
Exhausted, from the existence
Of a tragic romance.
She bestowed every depth of her being;
Extending her hand-
Finding an unanswered reply.

Her love overflowed
Into a vacant wasteland of idle words.
Foolishness, Foolishness
She cries;
To give herself away
To an idle n’ inexpressible rendezvous.
Intimacy proved-
Fruitless, Temporary, Forgotten
After the door shut behind him.

So, her heart bleeds
With every abandoned step;
Mixing with the tears
Of unrequited Love.
Abstract, a meaning seen within; 
Found in curves, angles, and hues of inner expression.
Creative illusion, there is no doubt.


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